What do you know about hunting wild animals in The United States

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If you have read books or watch movies about the North American, the Far West, Southern United States and cowboys in general, you must be known that hunting occurred here long ago, is an important part in many cultures of American ethnic groups. American residents enjoy hunting very much and are all good gunmen.

Hunting wild animals in the United States?

Today, the United States still allows hunting wild animals as hunting entertainment or hunting job (1), but they have specific laws and regulations on hunting, such as the seasons or the areas you are allowed to hunt, given by some wildlife conservation agencies. Hunters must comply with these regulations and have to buy license if they want to go fishing or go hunting. Licenses are sold at some grocery store near natural lake, national park or forest. If you go fishing, you will be restricted the number and the size of caught fishes depending on the fish resource in lakes. As for hunting wild animals, hunters must have another license to use the gun as well as register this with the police department. Hunting and fishing season generally runs from May until the end of August. When the summer is ending, the autumn begins and lasts until the winter, millions of hunters everywhere in the United States head the mountains, the plains, the hills, the valleys, the rivers and the big lakes to start hunting wild animals trip. Almost the United States people advocate legally hunting. Click to watch how to take a screenshot on a mac.
The United States treasures the issue of nature and wildlife conservation. There are a lot of forests and natural lakes here and they are controlled very closely. Where wild animals are prolific will be opened for hunting, and where there are very little wild animals is closed. Nature and wildlife conservation agency will tell you what forests were allowed to hunt and mostly allow hunting deer, wild boar and rabbit. Other animals are banned hunting; even wild birds are not arrested. As for deer and wild boar, the law does not allow you to shoot the female or the mother if they are in the period of herding their cubs. Many national parks are preserved as deserted time. Some places people built the area for tourists to rest, hunt and go camping if necessary. Therefore, if you want to hunt, you should often refer to information on the Internet in advance.

What are kinds of hunted animals?

Hunted animals are usually divided into some following main categories include: big hunted animals, small hunted animals, fur skin animals, predatory animals, terrestrial birds and waterfowl.
Big animals hunting job often requires the cards attached to each animal the hunter caught. These cards must be bought together with hunting licenses, and the number of card which is given each hunter is often restricted. In cases there are more hunters than hunted animals in any species, the cards often divided in lottery way. The cards can also be restricted in a particular area or a wildlife conservation place. Hunting the migratory waterfowl species usually requires duck stamp from United States Fish and Wildlife Service together with the appropriate hunting license in that state. Hunting other animals, beside big hunted animals, are frequently restricted by bag limit and possession limit. Bag limit is the largest number of any special animal species that an individual is allowed to hunt per day. Possession limit is the largest number of any special animal species that an individual can own at anytime.

An Overview of the Second Amendment on use of Guns

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When you listen to conversations regarding the second amendment on the subject of gun usage, you cannot help but notice the wide disparity in opinion between the elderly and the young generation regarding this subject. This generation gap is something we cannot escape in almost all areas including the gun community. If you have ever interacted with the elderly then you understand the enormous experiences they have to share with you. With patience, persistence, and understanding you can gain a wealth of knowledge from the elderly.

Second Amendment on use of Guns

Irrespective of the contrary opinions we hear from gun owners, guns have not changed much for more than fifty years. If you love trap shooting then this is one of the avenues where you can get a chance to share and interact with your uncles and grandpa and get to understand about their view about the laws regarding use of guns. There are plenty of stuff to talk about during such expeditions including stories, politics, life lessons, and many others.

One of the subjects that exhibit a generation gap in the use of guns between the elderly and the young generation is on the use of military style weapons for hunting. Some elderly people do not see the need to have this type of weapons. You may hear some claiming that the political environment has greatly changed and that there is no need for a hunter to have more than 3 shots. This view is rather absurd and not true per say. As a matter of fact, most rifles in the market today are military style weapons. They may not be from our grandpa’s generation but they have in a way, come from certain wars, campaigns, or struggle and have been adapted for use in hunting due to their cost, familiarity, convenience, or simply admiration.

Almost any rifle you use to hunt has some reminiscence. For instance, the muzzleloader is a reminiscent of the Civil war, frontier wars, and the battle of the Bunker. Modern sporting rifles such as the AR-15s have been around in the military since the 80’s and are preferred for hunting since it is adaptable to whatever you want to do with it. You simply change the upper receiver and the magazine. Another great choice that hunters, military and police snipers use is the bolt-action rifles, AR-15s should be hold in the best gun safe, this will protect them. They are used for a wide variety of reasons and are the most popularly used.

It is quite clear that the effort to ban gun or rifle ownership is generally misguided and out of place. Guns have been in use for many generations and a few individuals who try to infringe on the rights to liberty of others have generated a negative view on gun ownership. Responsible gun owners are therefore affected negatively due to this debate. However, the responsible gun owner holds on to the hope that this misguided effort fails in achieving its intended purpose.

How the Use of Deadly Force May be Justified under the Law

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Washington_thumbThe question, “When is it justifiable to use deadly force?” and its variations is perhaps one of the most common questions asked of police trainers as well as carry instructors with respect to use-of-force. Irrespective of how the question is asked, the intent is always the same; lock the instructor into giving a solid response which can later on be used as a defense. Majority of the people seek to understand scenarios whereby they can use deadly force and the circumstances whereby they are not liable for criminal and civil prosecution in case they use deadly force.

It is quite scaring to be subjected to criminal and civil liability and this is understandable. The use of any level of force usually results in being subjected to heavy scrutiny by a judge, the public, or the jury. This in itself is an ordeal and this may explain why many people, due to lack of experience, ask about the situations whereby it may be considered justifiable to use force. Therefore those who ask would like to gain the knowledge and experience with respect to this subject. Nonetheless, it is almost impossible for a situation to occur exactly as imagined. The general guide when determining the justification of use of deadly force lies in analysis of the case details and the circumstances at large.

Below is an overview of some scenarios which might be considered by the court when justifying the legality of use of deadly force. These circumstances and considerations are like a double-edged sword, they can be beneficial and harmful to a defense. These can be used as a guideline to those carrying a concealed weapon. It will help you understand how the jury or the judge may analyze the different aspects of an event.

  1. Disparity in size-the difference in size between the victim and the perpetrator is scrutinized. A large difference may infer that the larger person had an advantage over the other party. However, an exception may occur where the larger person was immobilized probably due to their size.
  2. Defense skills-any skill that the victim or perpetrator may possess will be considered. For instance, a completion shooter may be perceived in bad light. A martial artist on the other hand will be expected to have used some form of weaponless resolution. The skills in this case will serve as a blessing or a curse.
  3. Location-the place where the incident took place and the legality of each party’s presence is reviewed in this case. The aggressor can be pinpointed with respect to how each of the parties ended up on the location. The laws for that specific location will be considered as well; whether governed by a stand your ground law or castle doctrine law.
  4. Age and overall health-the individual’s ages and overall health give important details when justifying the use of deadly force. They give helpful insights into why the use of the force occurred.
  5. Availability or possession of the weapons-this involves determining the party that had the weapon, whether the weapon was dangerous or deadly, and if any other weapons, for example, knives, baseball bat, rocks, and others, were readily available within the environment or not.
  6. Bystanders-was anyone within the location when the incident occurred and did they view it as a threat? Why was it threatening?
  7. Words exchanged-the judge or the jury will examine the kind of words exchanged by the parties. Was the aggressor threatening to harm or kill? Did the aggressor warn before using deadly force? All these will be scrutinized and witness statements are invaluable for such a case.

In a nut-shell, the use of a firearm in defending oneself may be intimidating and strange to most people. However, such cases may occur unexpectedly and with lack of prior knowledge on this subject, it becomes a challenge to know what may be examined. A clear understanding on some of the factors considered would help any concerned party get a general sense of what might be looked at when justifying the use of deadly force. It is much better to have prior knowledge on the subject instead of making some formulations of situations or criteria that may not occur as imagined


Never Quit the Fight, Responsible Gun owner!    

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It is barely a few months down the line and the subject of gun discussion has resurfaced. If you thought it was over then it is a shock on you since it is now a common subject of discussion at dinner tables, around the water cooler, as well as in the news. It is now in everybody’s mind and it is quite clear that the misguided action of a few individuals is turning the sportlight on the legal and responsible gun owners and firearm hobbyists in America.


Gun control is now a subject that everyone is quick to give an opinion about; from musicians, politicians, soccer moms, journalists, the mail man, actors, and many others. Everyone has something to say about this issue. Isn’t it just boring to hear this noise from all over? Well, it is infuriating if you are a legal and responsible firearm owner.

There has been a wide difference in opinion among various individuals with regard to gun ownership. For instance, some gun owners are quick to say nothing is going to happen and that there will be no ban on gun ownership. Furthermore, they claim nothing more will infringe on their rights. This is pretty optimistic and a few of us wish we could be this apathetic.

If you have been keen enough then you might have heard from those who have already given up. Some say we cannot win and will definitely lose something. We cannot stop this and that this wave cannot is unstoppable. If only it were possible to give hope to these people?

So what can we do about this? Well, we should never give up for these reasons;

So which possible actions can we take as responsible citizens so as to stop this ignorant and misguided strategy of eliminating gun ownership in our nation? Well, it all begins with you as an individual.

Firstly, we should contact our legislators even though it is uncertain if it works or not. It is pretty obvious that most of the people who keep agitating for gun control all over the news simply do so to get media attention. They are doing this simply because someone somewhere, whether their favorite actor, a friend, or the talking heads on TV tell them it is right to do so. If each one of us would contact any of these people, then it would be a win.

Secondly, increase the numbers of those fighting against the gun amendment. You can join the popular 2nd Amendment lobbying organization so as to increase the numbers of the responsible gun owners who are against this uninformed effort to ban gun ownership. You can start by convincing members of your immediate family such as brothers, dad, mother, or sister to join any of these organizations.

Thirdly, we should never allow the biased media to break our sheer determination. The biased agenda all over the media should never tear down our courage to forge ahead in our fight. Irrespective of what they spew at us, we should never be deterred from following this worthy course. No matter how illogical some facts and opinions may be, we should pay attention to what the media are saying, think about it, try to figure out what drives it, and come up with ways of discussing it and think of a way of arguing against it.

Fourthly, we should be responsible representatives of rifle owners. You may wonder how this can be achieved. Well, through communication with people about the 2nd Amendment and talking about safe and responsible gun ownership in a way that is effective, polite, non-argumentative and non-aggressive. This may be difficult at times when you try to stay calm and keep emotions on check during arguments. If you are willing and passionate about staying in the fight then with time you can master the skill of convincing others no matter the emotions they may bring into the discussion. We should never force a discussion into anyone but whenever you overhear one, be quick to jump in. Our most effective tool at the moment is to engage in calm and collective debates geared towards changing the perception of who the responsible American gun owner is. We should demonstrate to these people what gun ownership means, what we have gained from it, and how essential it is to all of us.

Fifth, remember we all share a common goal with those who oppose legalization of gun ownership. We do not wish to ever again turn on our TVs and see events similar to those we recently saw from Aurora, Newtown, or Columbine. Our only difference lies in how to accomplish this goal. Sometimes it is a challenge to see this similar goal. However, if we devote some of the energy into coming up with a common solution, we will be able to accomplish this common goal. Some few individuals may sometimes seek to infringe on liberty, but it would be much easier for the masses to stand against such individuals if they are armed and courageous enough.

Sixth, we should continue shooting. This is very important in the struggle for our right to own firearms. We should keep the spirit of the American gun owner burning during this time, more than ever before. Matches still take place and the thrill of the hunt is knocking on the door. Practice has to be done. Literally dozens of new shooters who need training on basic firearms safety education are waiting. Tons of guns at the gun shop require new owners. We should stand strong and keep smiling as we continue to fight for the right of the responsible American gun owner.

Finally, if the new gun control legislation turns against us, we should never give up. We will keep shooting. All of us should keep shooting. We will shift gears, adjust our rule books, and do all it takes to keep our guns running. There is no other choice, we owe it to anyone who has ever served or sacrificed their life for the constitution and our great country. It is our responsibility to fight for ourselves, the community, our families, our friends, and anyone who has ever lived or will live under the umbrella of our flag. Never quit the fight, responsible gun owner!

Bringing in Bigger Bucks

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With the advent of technology, access to whitetail wisdom has never been more convenient. Hunting tips and strategies to make you a better hunter abound.  Those who practice these tips compared to those who don’t make a world of difference. However, not seeing immediate results after following the latest hunting article to the letter can be frustrating.

We live in a world who thrives on instantaneous gratification.  Some hunters long for a supernatural answer in scoring bigger bucks. News Flash! There’s none! In this day and age, we get what we want quick and fast. Bringing this mentality in the woods would not do us any good. Hunting does not work that way.

Bringing in Bigger Bucks

Hunting requires patience. We spend long hours in the stand, oftentimes with nothing to show for it. But time spent in the stand is not wasted time. Triumphant hunters know this much is true. Uneventful hunts are cherished just as much as the successful ones. Every step into the woods makes a more skilful hunter. Every mistake is an opportunity to be better. Successful hunters hone their skills by using these acquired knowledge, paying attention to detail and learning from previous experiences. They practice through consistent exercise of the basic strategies of hunting without allowing any room for complacency. These efforts pay out through the harvest of a mature deer every hunting season.

Now is the time to turn your concentration in becoming an improved hunter. In doing so, ask yourself; what could you do differently? At the same time, you have to realize that not every hunt will turn out to be successful.  You must process the fact that a mature deer is not easily captured. Stop looking for shortcuts.  Instead, reflect on the strategies that you have not focused your attention on.  Learn from your errors. There is no time like now. We can bridge the gap together!

Start by using these Basic Strategies:

Scent Control

Every hunter must know that a scent can thwart a successful hunt. We have all experienced getting close encounters with deer but end up unsuccessful anyway because failed to control our scent. This involves wind direction more than anything else. To control your scent, before stepping foot in the woods, shower and wash your clothes with a scent eliminator. Use a scent blocker and spray onto your boots, head and underarms. Your emitted scent is concentrated on these areas.

Analyze Weather Conditions

Deer Movement is influenced by the weather. You have to realize when the wind direction is not ideal for your-set up. It is wiser to skip the hunt altogether rather than tip off a mature buck on your property. Never force a hunt. Instead, save your vacation days for cold fronts. These are some of the ideal conditions to be in the stand.

Pre-season Scouting

For a successful hunting season, preparation cannot be emphasized more than enough. When you practice pre-season scouting, you profit by locating the feeding and bedding areas, travel routes and possible stand locations.

Make use of trail Cameras

Cash out on a trail camera. Set up your camera in late spring or summer. Your camera will serve as your eyes in the words. This will help you gather and analyze important information on deer population, mature bucks, feeding and moving patterns.

Set up your Stands early

It is crucial that you set-up your stand pre-season. Schedule a summer weekend to do this.  Setting up early will help you decide where best to place your stand. This will also help you understand deer movement from the vantage of your stand. Hanging your stands early will give you time to let the woods calm afterwards. Setting-up mid-season is a blunder you do not want to do.

Practice your Marksmanship

Your shot should be perfect by the spring and summer months. The importance of this practice cannot be amplified enough. Perfecting your marksmanship will make you a confident and smooth hunter once you get to the field. Not only will practicing be helpful in making a humane kill; it will also be advantageous once big buck opportunities are within your midst.

Cut Shooting Lanes

Aside from hanging stands, it is also important that you clear all limbs that could block your shot at a buck. Don’t be too late to realize the importance of cutting shooting lanes when you’re already in the middle of the season. You might end up kicking yourself.  While cutting shooting lanes, make a mental note to retain enough natural cover to keep you concealed.

Ensure Quality Deer Management

Every hunting season, we go on a chase for that prized buck. Many hunters will shoot at anything they see with antlers and they end up passing on an opportunity in scoring a doe. We are all too familiar with this. Quality deer management is vital. An educated hunter ensures proper doe management and allows bucks to mature. Make an effort to effect this on your property.

We know you are passionate for hunting. Reading this far says that much about you. We all are not flawless hunters. Once in a while, we get our share of slip-ups too. But the moment for acting like a hunter ends now. The time has come to ruck-up and be actually become one. The season to bridge the valley of those who score big bucks and those who miss has come. It starts now!


Hunting with the Barnett Quad 400

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Barnett Quad 400 bowsBarnett Quad 400 bows are first-rate quality bows used by hunters and archers all over the world. Barnett has paved the way for the evolution of the crossbow and offers a bow for every occasion. A certain level of expertise is needed to track an animal and make the kill shot with the use of a crossbow. The Barnett Crossbow line offers a crossbow for all sorts of hunters.

A power quad limb crossbow, the Barnett Quad 400 is crossbow that comes at an agreeable cost. Amazon offers the Barnett Quad 400 for only $311. The Amazon set contains all that you need to fire the bow right out of the package. The box contains a 4x32mm scope, a three arrow quiver and three 22 inch headhunter arrows.  The Headhunter arrows come with field tips and are specially designed for use of crossbows.

The Barnett Quad 400 is a stylishly designed with a top-tier camouflage finish which not only makes it not only a beauty to behold but also a crossbow worthy of esteem. Each piece is crafted with a quality that averts flaws in the system. The risers is created with aluminium while the stock is gas-molded which guarantees an extensive lifespan. The special gas assisted stock is the precursor when it comes to crossbows. Its material makes the bows take on minimal weight while maintaining its high durability. While the length of the bow measures 27 inches from axel to axel; the composite stock of the entire bow tips only at 8.4 pounds.

The Barnett Quad 400 shoots at a speed of 345 feet per second which makes it an excellent choice for taking down game. This crossbow has a 150 pound draw weight and holds a 10 foot pound of energy. Taking up only 4 pounds of pressure to pull the trigger, the Barnett Quad 400 is the weapon of choice to make the perfect shot. For an improved grip, the pistol grip is styled to allow your thumb to conveniently rest on the bow. The separated foregrip is designed to provide you an improved hold on the front contributing to its enhanced stability.  With the built of the Barnett Quad 400, its weight is an ideal tool for hunting without the burden of a bulky load.

Barnett understands the frustration of hunters that comes with trying to assemble the parts of the crossbow together. Thus, the Barnett Quad 400 is designed to require minimal assembly. The crossbow comes with most of its parts pre-assembled. Designed by hunters themselves, the Barnett Quad 400 comes with a 5 year warranty covering any defects in materials and workmanship.

The Barnett Quad 400 is dubbed as the ultimate hunting crossbow and is accorded as a serious hunting tool. It is designed to carry extra arrows without having to carry a quiver on your back. Thus, ensuring taking down your game. Its formidable look strikes the perfect balance of power and weight. So hunters, do not delay owning this tool!

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